SECURITY GUARD Interview – 5 Best Tips On Questions And Answers

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In this tutorial, I’m going to teach you how to pass a security guard or security officer interview and in particular we’re going to cover a number of interview questions or more importantly some high scoring answers so if you have a security guard or security officer interview coming up with any organization this tutorial is gonna really help you to pass.

Before I get into the tips and those interview questions and high scoring answers a very warm welcome to this tutorial my name is Abeer, and I’ve been helping people like you to pass their interviews and I do that by as I say providing you with high scoring.

Now in preparation for your security guard interview, it is very important that you have your security guard CV ready and you aim to demonstrate the following skills and qualities this is how you will be assessed during your security guard or security officer interview:

Aim at a high level of Professionalism

Aiming for a high level of professionalism is very important so you have to demonstrate an ability and an understanding of why you need to remain calm under pressure and also demonstrate the effective use of great communication skills at the same time.

In order to defuse potential conflict situations be able of course to follow rules and procedures and also absorb a large amount of job and industry-specific information and training and understanding of the law that is applicable to the role of security guard within your particular area and also be able to uphold the principles and the values of the organization, you are working for as a security guard or a security officer.

I’ve spent quite a lot of time putting together two following interview questions and answers and they are all tailored the answers are tailored to demonstrate that you have those five important skills and qualities so let’s get straight into those interview questions and answers.

For your security guard interview let’s go so the first question during this particular interview will be

Question 1: Tell me about yourself and in particular the skills the qualities and the experience you have there’s going to be a perfect match for the role of a security guard.

The answer to this question is linked to the security guard definition. So if this is the first question we want to make sure that you get off on the right footing and this will give you the positivity and the confidence to move forward to pass the rest of the interview so here’s my suggested answer.

I am a hard-working professional and resilient person who fully understands the high levels of responsibility that come with the role of a security guard now the reputation and security of your business is absolutely paramount and I believe I have the skills qualities and the experience to protect your business whilst also add earring to the law and the legal requirements of the role now in respect to the experiences I have.

I’ve got plenty of experience in dealing with people in a wide range of situations including confrontation and also potentially dangerous scenarios now throughout these types of situation.

I can always be relied upon to remain calm composed or more importantly follow my training and the operational procedures required by you my employer if you hire me to be your security guard I will always act with a high degree of professionalism and integrity as I already know security guard duties very well and I will never put your organization or your people in jeopardy.

So that’s a very strong answer to that first question so if you use that you get the attention of the interviewer and also the very important thing is you are demonstrating that you have the high levels of professionalism and integrity required to be a security guard or a security officer make it even take notes in regards to these answers to the security guard interview or if you stick around I will tell you where you can download a copy of these and others to make sure that you pass your security guard interview as we go through this tutorial.

let’s have a look at the second question

Question 2: What are the five main attributes required to be a competent and professional security guard?

Could you answer that now if somebody was to say to you what are the five main attributes needed
Could you reel them off here’s my answer to this question?

The five main qualities of a security guard are;

1) An ability to remain calm and composed under pressure

2) An ability to follow strict rules procedures and also your training.

3) A desire to perform the role to a high standard while acting as a positive role model for your employer.

4) You need the ability to communicate effectively to be capable of defusing potential conflict situations.

5) Having a willingness to continually learn and develop necessary skills within the role.

Now I strongly believe I have all of the five attributes required to perform the role of a security guard to a very high standard sense another stronger answer you’ll see that I’ve highlighted in bold the key five attributes needed to perform the role correctly let’s have a look at another question.

Question 3: Why do you want to work as a security guard for our company and not someone else’s?

So basically what has attracted you towards specifically so they don’t want to know why do you want to work for that because there are lots of organizations and businesses that you could be a security guard for so why have you chosen that so here’s my suggested answer.


I want to work for your company in the role of security guard for two main reasons the first reason is the standards you set are clearly very high and I want to work for an employer who does everything by the book then who also cuts no corners.

I have worked hard to become a professional and competent security guard and your company profile fits my aspirations now secondly I feel confident that you will support me in the role and from what I’ve seen during my research you are an organization who will be around for many years to come meaning if I work hard and provide a great service for you.

I will hopefully have a job with you for many years to come now job security is extremely important to me I don’t want to be in this position for many years to come if I’m successful today at the interview (so that demonstrates that you’ve looked into them and you’ve actually got two main reasons why you want to work for them and again that response demonstrates that you have high levels of professionalism which is attractive to anybody who is looking to hire a security guard)

Question 4: What rules and regulations must you adhere to as a security guard?

So let’s now take a look at another question for your security guard interview. You need to understand the law with respect to the role of a security guard. Because that will also be at the forefront of an employer and employers mind is does this person he or she understand the law and will they operate within the law because you don’t want to put their organization at risk or jeopardy so here we go first and foremost;

I have to follow the legal requirements of the role at all times and having personally gone through extensive training programs and rigorous license checks and assessments.

I have proved I’m capable of doing just that now despite what most people think security guards do not have any powers more than the general public and it’s important to remember that whilst performing my duties I would be employed to protect your business and whilst I will be able to make a citizen’s arrest if needed I would always utilize effective body language and communication techniques to de-escalate any kind of situation.

We have of course the protection of your business and staff at the forefront of everything I do within the rock now in respect of using force under the Criminal Law Act.

I may use as much force as is reasonably practical in the circumstances in the prevention of crime or also in effecting or assisting in the lawful arrest offenders or suspected offenders or of persons unlawfully at large now with regards to powers of search security guards do not have the power to commit full search of someone’s property or belongings (so that answer shows again that you have those high levels of professionalism but you also understand the law for your particular area)

Question 5: Security guards have to remain calm under pressure describe a time when you remain calm under extreme pressure

This is a type of behavioural interview question that assesses whether you’ve been in this kind of situation before you can also follow your rules and your training so here we go


I can remember working in a previous role as a security officer a popular and exclusive nightclub venue in a busy town centre It had been a hot bank holiday weekend and the pub started closing so lots of people were making their way over to our venue we had a strict no entry policy for stag and hen groups.

A large group of 12 males tried to enter the club and I politely refused the mentary stating our club policy restricted them from entry now most of the group were respectful of my decision but one particularly mayor one particular male would not leave and he started to become aggressive and confrontational.

I stood my position used effective body language and continued to refuse him entry I basically used a non-confrontational but firm tone of voice and remained absolutely calm throughout now eventually his friends persuaded him to leave and then radioed to the other late-night venues in the area to warn them of the group and in particular that one male who appeared intent on causing trouble now in this type of situation.

I would always remember my training and remain calm and professional at all times if I felt the situation was gonna deteriorate or potentially become dangerous my priority will be to secure the club to protect our visitors before calling the police I would never ever use force unless it was warranted and even then it would only be used at the appropriate level and in line with the loss that’s another strong answer is specific in nature and demonstrating that you know what to do in that kind of situation.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial.

Thank you very much for watching and I wish you all the best in your pursuit of becoming a security guard thank you

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