Amazing Health Benefits Of Shilajit “The Conqueror Of Mountains”


Shilajit there’s a thick tar-like substance that exudes from cracks high up in the rocks of the Himalayan mountains and it’s also found in the Caucasus mountains the Altai mountain range and the mountains of northern Pakistan it’s been classed as a superior medicine in the systems of Ayurveda and traditional Tibetan medicine for thousands of years and is known as the conqueror of mountains and the destroyer of weakness.

Because of its broad and potent effects on health and longevity in the Rigveda which is one of the oldest religious texts ever written the mythical substance called soma was mentioned as the elixir of longevity and as a support for the perfection of both of body and mind.

History & Discovery

Now in the Rig Veda, soma was described as a sticky dark substance dwelling within mountainous rocks and it said that alchemists would remove it from between the rocks and prepare it and purify it by washing and grinding it before using it as a medicine and this really does sound exactly like shilajit if for no other reason then they’ve really just aren’t any other natural substances that really fit this description but what exactly is shilajit.

Well, there’s been a lot of theories over the years but in more recent times it’s been studied and shown to contain a large assortment of organic minerals antioxidants polyphenols try toppings dye benzo alpha purines and a high concentration of humic and fulvic acids which are basically the end product that is left over when microorganisms have completely broken down organic matter about 50 million years ago.

When India and Asia collided and the Himalayas were formed tropical ecosystems within that area were compressed between the Earth’s plates and they became trapped inside the rising mountain range so contained within the Earth’s crust for millions of years these biodiverse ecosystems reached their maximum stage of decomposition and they became this nutrient-dense biomass that ascended upwards with the growth of the mountains until all of that increasing pressure inside began to force it outwards through the cracks high up in the mountains.

Health Benefits Of Shilajit

People first became aware of the health-giving nature of shilajit by observing monkeys in the Himalayas that would ascend the very dangerous Heights every summer just to harvest and consume this trilogy present and the villages from the foothills noticed that these monkeys were much more virile more robust and a lot wiser and more peaceful than the colonies of the exact same species that lived further down in the lower elevations.

So it was really at this point that human interest in shilajit as a potent health tonic began traditionally shilajit is used as a rejuvenating anti-ageing medicine that’s both energizing and detoxifying.

Now in Ayurveda, it’s considered a Rasayana which is a substance that increases vitality and lifespan and it has a balancing and tonifying effect on all five elements and three doshas of both the Ayurvedic and Tibetan medical systems so that basically just means that it’s suitable for anybody to take regardless of personal Constitution.

Now depending on where it’s collected from, shilajit comes in a variety of different colours it has you know different nutrient makeup but generally speaking, it normally has between 70 to 85 different ionic trace minerals and all types of shilajit are very rich and fulvic acid which is kind of like a mega electrolyte that really increases the selective permeability of cell membranes. So what that means is it’s seriously increasing the absorption of nutrients into cells tissues and organs while simultaneously removing toxins and pathogens and wastes matter.

This really helps to keep the cells vital and youthful and full of energy and this is really a large part of trilogies anti-ageing mechanism but fulvic acid doesn’t only increase the absorption of all the other nutrients and shilajit it actually increases the digestion and the assimilation of really any of the foods or medicines that we take it with.

So you know it’s an excellent delivery vehicle for other medicines and it really ensures that we get the maximum benefit rather than just taking something and you know a lot of it is going to waste because of poor digestion bad circulation or just elimination channels being compromised.

Antioxidant And Immune Enhancing Function

The humic acids are great natural key letters that bind with and break down toxic chemicals and heavy metals within the body which makes shilajit an incredible ally in this day and age. considering our globally contaminated food chain waterways all of the atmospheric pollution and all the prescription medicines and all of that stuff the dye benzo alpha pi rooms are considered a major active component in shilajit and it’s partly why it possesses anti-allergy antimicrobial and immune-enhancing properties as well as providing immediately available energy in reversing fatigue.

Shilajit can modulate the immune system by increasing the sensitivity of macrophages and improving phagocytosis which is really where immune cells are just travelling around the body in such of toxins and pathogens and debris and just consuming it and neutralizing it and it’s also really good at activating lysosomes within tumour cells causing apoptosis of the admittance cell which basically just means that it’s forcing the malignant cell to self-destruct.

Inhibition Of Allergic Reactions

Shilajit can inhibit allergic reactions by having a normalizing effect on mast cells which are a type of immune cell that plays a very very key role in our allergic response so it essentially is reducing the sensitivity of mast cells to invading antigens and subsequently it’s reducing the allergic reaction.

Gastroprotective Effects

Shilajit has shown a lot of bed for people and animals that have peptic ulcers because it can regulate the secretion of hydrochloric acid into the stomach while rebuilding the mucosal lining of the gastric membrane

Role in Arthritis

It’s shown genuine results in reducing pain and inflammation of arthritic conditions which really supports the traditional Ayurvedic recommendation that shilajit should be taken by people with rheumatism and osteoarthritis.

Role In Diabetes And Kidney Function

Shilajit is frequently used as a treatment for regulating blood sugar and serum cholesterol and it’s a natural adjunct that’s often used by diabetics and it’s a tonic to the kidneys and is classed as a Jing herb in Chinese medicine due to its rejuvenating properties that are inextricably linked to the fortification of the kidneys in the adrenals so this is also why it’s been prescribed as a fertility and libido enhancer for both men and women throughout Asia for centuries because obviously our Jing energy directly reflects our fertility and our ability to produce healthy offspring.

Effects On Mental Health

That’s really interesting because shilajit has an effect on mental health too by augmenting and strengthening the production of dopamine so it can act as a mood enhancer and anti-anxiety medicine because it can decrease anxiety and really helps to stabilize our emotional behaviour so you know once again this correlates exactly with the Ayurvedic notion that shilajit pacifies that’ the wind energy and all of the psychological turbulence that can come with having too much wind energy in the mind and in the channels of the central nervous system so despite being energizing it isn’t really stimulating and it can act as a mild sedative that actually helps us to focus rather than gets overwhelmed by stress.

Other Benefits

And all of this really points towards what is perhaps the most important points regarding Shilagit that it’s one of nature’s greatest at Oxygen’s that really helps to regulate and stabilize all of the interconnecting systems of our physiology and our metabolism it helps us to remain functional while under stress and has a nourishing and supportive effect on the mind and the emotions which really makes it a great aid for meditation which is the fact that was not lost on the Yogi’s of ancient times that would sit in meditative retreat for years on end in the very mountains that shilajit could be found so extensive.

Ongoing Research On Benefits

Research continues on share Jeets effect on the mind particularly its ability to enhance learning and memory and its use of a performance-enhancing substance that is used by elite athletes and Russian cosmonauts who are frequently placing themselves in extreme circumstances where they absolutely must perform at their best while under immense pressure.

So could shilajit actually be the solar that is mentioned in the Rig Veda well it probably could be but you know I think we’re given the sheer length of its historical use and its reverence in the systems of Ayurveda and Tibetan medicine and really the fact that science is now confirming its role as a supreme adaptogen I really think that there’s no doubt that purified high mountain shilajit it really makes an amazing natural ally of people today in the modern world you know because it offers safe and sustainable remedies to so many contemporary diseases of modern civilization and you know really can act as genuine support for physical and mental health


So once again we find ourselves drawing the same conclusion where if we want to move forwards and progress as a species we find that there’s a lot of answers and keys embedded within our indigenous heritage and of course embedded within the rhythm cycles and the elements of nature.

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